Symptoms of Depression: These Special Symptoms Appear When you’re in Depression

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Being a victim of depression for a long time, Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide on Sunday 14th June, 2020. In such a situation, you can notice some special symptoms inside a person suffering from depression, which you should be aware of.

Symptoms of Depression: These special symptoms are seen in a person after going into depression, such a well-known Bollywood superstar Sushant Singh Rajput had a good career. It was being said that he was a victim of depression for a long time, due to which he committed suicide. Sushant lived with a laughing face and could never guess from his face what problems he was going through. There are many people around you who are victims of depression, but these things never come out of their face and they are forced to take any wrong step.

After getting the information from many research and scientific research, here are some special symptoms that can be seen in a person suffering from depression. With this, you can identify the symptoms of depression in the people you want and can help them to get out of depression by moving forward without delay.

Symptoms of depression are divided into three categories

Depression Sign

Psychological, physical and social systems are visible inside a person suffering from depression.

Psychological Symptoms of Depression: Talking about Psychological Symptoms, a person feels sad and helpless. Not only this, but he also keeps blaming himself for anything.

Physical Symptoms of Depression: In physical symptoms, a depressed person is tired and he speaks very slowly. His sleep also changes and he stays awake till late in the night.

Social Symptoms of Depression: Talking about social problems, such people avoid contact of people and friends and do not participate in any activities related to society. He also abandons the habits included in his daily routine. He also feels uncomfortable spending time with family. Apart from this, some special types of depression are being described in detail here.

Always sad

People suffering from depression are always unhappy. However, he definitely laughs at a joke, but in 2 minutes his face again goes into sadness. When asked for the reason, he often does not want to make an excuse and talk about it. In such a situation whenever you see a person, it is likely that the person is suffering from depression.

To be alone

People suffering from depression consider it better to spend time alone. He escapes the crowd and likes to keep himself imprisoned. Whenever you have a friend or a household member starts adopting such habits, then you should talk to them and do all possible help to solve their problems.

Always tense

A person suffering from depression is always thinking about something and due to which he also suffers from stress. The effect of anxiety on his face due to stress can be easily understood. Talk to such people and motivate them to get out of stress. Sometimes due to high stress, a person becomes a victim of depression.

Change in feelings or mood swing

The feelings of a person suffering from depression also change badly. He thinks negatively and talks the same way in front of people. They are not ready to accept anything quickly and remain adamant on the things that are wrong. Such people, along with being in depression, also get disturbed mentally.

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