The Connection Between Early Tiredness and Thyroid Disease

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Do you feel tired only after a little hard work? Is hair loss along with obesity? Do you have amnesia? Do you often feel stressed? If the answer to all of these is yes then

You need to get your thyroid levels checked immediately.

These slowly occurring symptoms can also take the form of serious illness over time. Earlier, thyroid related diseases were thought to occur only due to not having iodine in the salt, but there could be genetic reasons for the thyroid problem apart from the lifestyle of the person.

Many types of thyroid

The thyroid is of two types – hypo and hyper. Hypno leads to weight gain and loss of appetite. Swelling occurs in hands and feet. The patient is troubled by lethargy and cold. He does not mind in any work. Sometimes menstruation and memory loss may occur.

In contrast, the weight of the patient decreases and the appetite becomes more high in hyper. There are complaints of mental stress. There are complaints of decreased concentration, palpitations and increased BP.

According to Expert, the production of thyroid hormone in hypothyroid is reduced. In such a situation, the speed of converting food energy into chemical process in the body slows down. But it is not easily caught. Therefore, hormonal examination should be done on initial symptoms such as loss of memory, lethargy, fatigue etc.

Learn about thyroid

Our neck has a thyroid gland, which produces two types of thyroid hormones T-3 and T-4. The thyroid gland, one of the most essential glands of the body, controls and regulates many things in the body. Good sleep, healthy digestive system, metabolism, body temperature, growth, etc. depend on a balanced amount of thyroid. In this case, the thyroid hormone can become dangerous or excess, it can prove dangerous in both cases. Decrease or increase of thyroid causes problems like infertility in women and increase in periods. Especially increased thyroid can cause more problems. This is called hyperthyroid.

Thyroid Symptoms

Early troubles related to thyroid disorder are so common that they often go unnoticed. Most of us do not understand the problem of thyroid. In such a situation, they start seeking treatment for some other disease. Due to late detection thyroid has caused maximum damage to most people in a short time.

According to Expert, there are some signs of hyperthyroid due to loss of weight in spite of hunger, fast heartbeat, high blood pressure, stress, excessive sweating, neck swelling, low menstruation, frequent defecation, trembling of hands etc. Can be guessed.

The reason of Thyroid

Apart from iodine deficiency in the body, there are many reasons for unbalanced thyroid. One of these is stress. Stress impedes the functioning of the thyroid glands, due to which the glands are not able to function properly and hormonal disturbances start to form.

How much damage can happen by Thyroid?

According to experts, imbalanced thyroid can cause heart disease, infertility, Alzheimer’s, stroke, high blood pressure and even death. Thyroid cancer caused by imbalanced thyroid has become very common. It is a cancer in the endocrine gland. Along with neck pain, heaviness and swelling are some of the initial symptoms.

How to rescue Thyroid?

Thyroid problems are seen in most women. In India, where most women are unable to pay attention to their food and drink, they fall prey to it. According to figures from the Indian Thyroid Society, more than 4.2 Crore people in India are victims of thyroid, of which 60 percent are women.

Thyroid is not a disease that cannot be controlled. If it is found in time, it can be completely corrected. But there is no shortcut way to fix this. Long-term treatment goes for this. According to doctors, every person above the age of 35 years should get a thyroid test once every five years.

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