The Relationship between Depression and Smoking.

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Depression can lead to chain smoking plays a particularly strong role in triggering sadness additions compared to other negative emotions.

Depression can lead to chain smoking: Sadness, and all kinds of negative emotions, not only motivate people to smoke but it also turns them into addiction. This has been revealed in a recent research.

A team of researchers from Harvard University found that sadness plays a particularly strong role in triggering addiction than other negative emotions. This means that people with sadness and negative emotions are more likely to smoke. Because of this people are more motivated towards things like alcohol and smoking.

The relationship between Depression and chain smoking

Any type of negative emotion, whether it is anger, disgust, tension, sadness, fear, or shame, would make a person more likely to use intoxication. Research says sadness appears to be a particularly powerful trigger of addictive use.

Research done in four ways


In the first research, researchers examined data from a national survey that tracked 10,685 people over 20 years. They found that sadness among participants was associated with increased smoking.

In other research, the team tried to find out whether people smoke because of sadness or that negative life events cause both sadness and smoking. To test these 425 smokers were recruited for an online research, who watched the videos.

Similar to the second research in the third research, approximately 700 participants watched videos and wrote about life experiences that were either depressed or neutral.

The last research recruited 158 smokers to examine how sadness affected actual smoking behavior. Participants had to abstain from smoking for at least eight hours (verified by carbon monoxide breath test).

The conclusion of this research was that when a person is depressed, he has too much craving to smoke. It was also observed that people in the gloom group soon proved to be more impatient to smoke than those in the normal group.

Control Your Stress
A major reason for smoking is that nicotine relaxes them from stress as the thinking, but its not true. Once you quit smoking, you can adopt any other way to reduce stress. Massage regularly, listen to soothing music or learn yoga or go for a walk. If possible, avoid stress-causing situations for a few weeks after quitting smoking.

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