These 10 Fiber Foods Make the Digestive System Healthy

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What is fiber and what amount should you take it?

Fiber is an undigested substance that is extracted from the plant in the form of carbohydrates. It is of two types – one dissolving and one dissolving. The dissolving fiber, known by the name, is found in water. If you are using this fiber in your diet, it becomes a gel (thick fluid) in the stomach, which helps to prevent the unnecessary eating part absorbed by the body.

This means that dissolving fiber prevents cholesterol from forming in the body. On the other hand, by taking non-soluble fiber, the stomach clears easily. If you do not take fiber in your diet, it can cause constipation.

How Much Fiber Per Day: According to nutritionist Dr. Ritika Samaddar, “It is very important to include both types of fiber in the diet. Also it helps in maintaining health. Dissolving fiber is often said to contain more sugar and diabetics. It also maintains sugar level. At the same time, non-soluble fiber is considered very beneficial for weight loss. Not only this, it also helps the gastric system to function properly. A middle youth must include 15 grams of fiber in his diet daily.

By including all these foods in your daily diet, you can keep your digestive system healthy.

  1. Corn

It contains up to 4 percent fiber, so do consume it. These days there is plenty of corn, so do not let any chance of consuming this tasty fruit of the season.

  1. Pulses

Having all kinds of pulses and beans in your food is a good source of fiber. You can also eat sprouted pulses.

  1. The fruit

Consuming fruits is beneficial in every way. Guava is rich in fiber, so apple and pear are also beneficial.

  1. Fiber vegetables

Seasonal and fibrous vegetables are also rich in fiber, they must be eaten. You can also eat vegetable soup and salad.

  1. Brown bread

Brown bread and pasta made of wheat is rich in fiber and you can make it part of your breakfast.

  1. Dry fruits

They are also very beneficial, you can eat them mixed with milk, yogurt and sweets.

  1. Wheat flour

It is a food that is a part of almost everyone’s routine. Use wheat flour more instead of maida and eat chapatti with pulse vegetable.

  1. Brown rice

If you like to eat rice but cannot eat due to fat or other problems, then it is better to start using brown rice in your meal. It is light and rich in fiber.

  1. Peas

These tasty foods, whether eaten raw or boiled or put in vegetables or rice, will provide both taste and health. One cup of peas give 16.3 grams of fiber.

  1. Oatmeal

This is an ideal breakfast that keeps you fit and fresh throughout the day. A special type of fiber called beta glucan is present in plenty in oats. Along with this, the intake of oats reduces the cholesterol level and also increases immunity.

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