These 8 Mistakes Can Spoil Your Natural Shape of Breast

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There are many changes in the body of women after pregnancy, one of which is the increase in breast size. Changes in breast size are common in pregnancy, but many times you go unknowingly making some mistakes every day which spoil the natural shape of the breast size. Today, we will tell you that due to your negligence, the breast size can get worse.

Does breastfeeding deteriorate breast shape?

After pregnancy, many times the breast becomes loose and does not come in shape even after millions of attempts. However, some women consider breastfeeding as the reason and do not breastfeed. Whereas according to research, breast does not change the shape of the breasts, rather it makes the skin of the breast even healthier.

Jogging without a sports bra

Often, women wear normal jogging and do not consider it necessary to wear a sports bras. However, while running, the breast is affected, and its shape starts to deteriorate.

Piercings and tattoos

Tattoo or piercing causes swelling in the breast and this also affects the lymph node. This increases the breast size more than normal. Also, it also causes pain, cramping problems.

Reasons for the best pitching

Repeated pressing, stretching or itching of the breast can also worsen the natural shape. Apart from this, sleeping in genetic, abdominal force or wrong position can also worsen the shape.

Reasons for hair removal

Hair grows on the breast due to hormonal imbalance, body changes or genetic reasons that women remove with waxing, twigger, palladar or any other way. However, this affects the breast shape.

Due to the wrong size of the bra

Wearing a small or large size bra can also worsen the shape of the breast. Wearing a tighter bra makes the blood cells shrink and its shape starts to deteriorate. Apart from not wearing the right clothes, the shape of the breast also deteriorates.

Not Using Cream

To maintain moisture, it is very important that you apply the cream in this area too, but most women do not do this. In such a situation, the breast shape worsens.

Reasons for plastic surgery

In addition, undergoing breast shape surgery affects the lactel blend, which causes a change in the size. Apart from this, smoking, age and activities also affect the breast.

Gaining weight

Weight gain can also worsen the shape of the breast because obesity causes a stretch in the ligament around the chest, causing the breasts to become loose.

What to do to get breast into shape?

  1. Breast size will be correct by drinking green tea at least 2 times a day.
  2. Push up, cycling, aerobics, dance, pranayama and mandukasana to tighten the breast.
  3. Apart from this, mix 1 tablespoon curd, 1 fresh egg and 1 tablespoon vitamin E oil and apply it for 25 minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water while massaging. This will increase blood flow in the breast.
  4. Mass massage increases blood circulation, and they remain in shape. For this, massage with lukewarm olive oil 2 times a week.
  5. Also choose the right bra and wear a sports bra during exercise. Breast pain if there are lumps then do not ignore.

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