These Whitewash Methods Will Give Your Home A Vibrant Look

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Monsoon season may be pleasing to the mind, but at the end of it, the house needs to be repainted. It is necessary to paint the house so that your house can be given a completely new and attractive look. Getting the house painted is the main task. To get it painted, the colors of your choice are not enough, but how to adjust different colors in them is also important so that the beauty of house will be enhanced. Let’s know how the paint should be and how to use the contrast of different colors:

Balance of color

There are many types of paints. But the most important thing is that what color should be used for the rooms and what should be the quality of that. Although the color to be painted in the rooms is a personal choice, yet the opinion of the designers is that if you want to make a color of your choice in the house, then especially where it is to be done and in which way It is necessary to pay attention to this.

If you have used a bright color, then you should use contrast to minimize it. This is so that it does not become overdone, because if the improvement of any place can increase with paint, it can also decrease. Dark color can make the entire look of the room seem small or it may have made the room so light-colored that it can start to look completely plain. For how to color it, it is suggested that if you use dark and light color, then its ratio should be 30-70. If you have chosen a particular color, then it is suggested that not all the walls be made of one color. If you have done white color, then that is different.

But if it comes to choosing a color, even if you want to apply it in the form of wallpaper, then you should add color to a wall that is the most visible, which is called a feature wall because Color is such a thing, which has a great effect on our mood.

Sealing should be plane

Ceiling should be kept plane. It should not be overpowered. The more the color in it, the better it will be. White or blue color reduces stress. The green color is good for health.

Texture for focal point

Focal point textures can use different patterns with paint. Textures can be made in this, wallpaper is used, stencils can also be used. If you talk about paint for a vibrant look, then it is very important to balance the whole scheme in Vibrant colors. In this the ratio does not exceed 30-70 or else after this, it starts overpowering the space.

You can also take a ratio of 50-50 in texture or if you want to apply more color then it is a personal choice. You can use any color in it. If you are making texture in a small place, then keep the vibrant color ratio low there. If there is plaster or POP on the walls before getting the texture paint or normal paint done, it is very important to have a good wall or putty. If painted, get it done in 3-4 layers. After one layer dries, get another layer done. If you make quick layers, then a crust or dampness can be seen on the walls.

What kind of paint is the best?

Plastic paint is good for the home. You can also wash it with water. If you want to go to upper grade, then satin finish and royal paint come.

Little care

Whenever you want to get the paint done and you are giving someone with a material contract, then ask them to open the packet in front of you. Nowadays, along with cheap paint, low-grade quality also comes. Duplicate paints also come, which get fed later, bubbles and crusts start coming, so stay fully alert while painting.

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