Things You Should Know About Litti-Chokha

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi was recently seen eating litti chokha at the ‘Hunar Haat’ program held in Delhi.

Narendra Modi Eating Litti Chokha

After this, there was a discussion on social media about Litti Chokha on social media and it was also speculated that it is related to the assembly elections in Bihar.

Litti-chokha enjoys the status of a signature dish in Bihar, although the dishes or cuisines are usually quite complicated, they take a lot of workmanship and a lot of ingredients. Accordingly, Litti cannot be called a dish.

Litti is a dough ball made of dough that is roasted on the flame of coal or cow dung in a burning bonfire.

Fluffy sattu of gram is stuffed inside the dough, but like plain dosas, both plain litti and stuffed litti are made and eaten.

Chokha is a kind of bharta (grilled, mashed and mixture) of vegetables like potatoes, brinjals and tomatoes cooked on fire. The vegetables cooked on the fire are mashed directly and salt-oil is added to them.

Overall, it is among the most easily prepared meals in the world, it requires neither a lot of utensils to make it, nor a lot of spices and oils, even water.

One of its specialties is that it does not spoil for several days, but people prefer to eat it fresh and hot.

Generally, during the winter, people make bonfire and make dinner outside the house.

Appeal to be connected to the ground

Litti Making

In general, Litti has a lower share of Bihari women’s kitchens, and a greater share of men and travelers.

Litti-chokha is such a thing that you can make it as per your convenience and available ingredients. If ghee is available then it is good, if there is pickle and chutney then it is even better, if it is not there, still it works.

Litti chokha is purely a common man or can also say that poor man’s food. In the last few years, after the spread of Bihari workers across the country, its handcart have started to appear outside Bihar.

Until the 1980s, it was difficult to find the litti-chokha roadside in Delhi, but now it is visible.

If you look at the health, then it is definitely better than fried samosas, although when it is served dipped in ghee, it tastes amazing.

Litti-chokha, found cheap on the roadside, is slowly becoming popular among non-Bihari people.

Some people like the soothing smell of ashes on litti, it also has its own appeal to be rustic and connected to the ground.

Although, at some places, on the name of Litti, the sattu-filled fried do-ball (loin ball) has also come into vogue, but it is a new phenomenon, just like Fried Momo. The real momo is cooked in steam. Litti is now being eaten with mutton and chicken, which is a new trend.

Farmers ‘and soldiers’ food

Litti Chokha

Bihar is a big state, but the practice of Litti is less in Mithila, more in Magadha and Bhojpur regions. It is believed that Litti Chokha’s stronghold is Magadha (Gaya, Patna and Jehanabad area).

Chandragupta Maurya was the king of Magadha whose capital was Pataliputra but his empire extended to Afghanistan, some experts say that during the war Chandragupta’s soldiers used to move easily during the war by eating something like litti, although solid historical evidence is not found.

Litti-chokha and khichdi have been described in many books of the 18th century as the main food of the people who went on a long pilgrimage.

While it cannot be firmly said with historical evidence that Litti originated in Bihar itself, many methods of baking flour have been in vogue across the country like Mewar and Malwa baati which are eaten with lentils. .

There are also mentions that soldiers of Tatya Tope and Rani of Jhansi preferred Bati or Litti as they were very easy to cook and did not require much stuff. There are also stories of 1857 rebels fighting to eat litti.

For centuries, farmers of Bihar used to take care of the field and eat it there and eat it, much later its popularity reached the cities.

By the way, it can be said that its association with Chokha was made in Bihar.

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