Tips to Manage our Child’s Stress During Exam Season

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The season of examination gives most of the children stress of studies and exams. Studying awake throughout the night, lack of sleep, not eating properly also increases stress. So by adopting these tips, can save our child from stress.

The season of examination has not come that most of the children start taking the stress of studies and exams. Studying awake throughout the night, lack of sleep, not eating properly also increases stress. So by adopting these tips, we can save our child from stress.

According to the World Health Organization WHO, about 50 million people in India are suffering from depression and most of them are youth.

Below are some very easy and quick tips that can better manage stress in children.

In such a situation, if r child is also stressed about his exam or studies, then definitely follow these tips…

Do physical activity

Physical activity is the best way to relieve stress. Be it walking, running, swimming, power yoga, aerobics, cardio workouts or whatever likes. Stress also increases by sitting in one place at all times. To move the body a little and do some activity.

It is important to complete sleep

The examinations did not come that first of all the children disappear from sleep and they wake up overnight and start studying. But let us tell you that if want to reduce our stress level then it is very important that you get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Proper sleep also helps to reduce stress.

Relax the muscles

Another excellent stress reliever works as a progressive muscle relaxation technique also known as PMR. In this technique, every muscle of the body ie muscle is tried to relax so that the fatigue and stress of the body are completely removed. This is especially helpful for technical students.

Take Healthy Diet

We may not understand this yet, but r diet can either increase brain power or reducer mental energy. A healthy diet can also be helpful in stress management. If I eat a good and healthy diet then there will not be any problems like mood swings and headaches.

Talk to family and friends

Family members and r friends help the most in managing stress. So it is very important that talk to our family every day, share our thoughts, and problems with them. When we share our thoughts and ideas with family, even a big problem gets resolved and there is no room for stress.

Correct time management:

Students have to make a study time-table according to the exam schedule. Make planning of how to study and then follow the routine under that plan. If we have made better time management, then it helps in preparing for the exam, so that will not be stressed.

Create a better environment for studies:

There should be such an environment for studies on exam days, where students do not face any kind of hindrance. They can study in a different room where there is no one else. They should stay away from the sound and music of television and from any other noise – so that does not have any disturbance.

Adopt optimistic thinking:

Optimistic thinking creates a new spirit in us, so imagine and enjoy the good result before the exam. Imagine that you have the highest marks in you are in the next class.

Have Positive Thinking:

It is very important to have Positive Thinking at the time of the exam. If we think negative that will lead to negative. So it is very important to have positive thinking. This will not only protect from our negative thoughts, but that will also keep away from the stress of studies.

We should prepare for the examinations properly; if we are prepared properly then we will get good marks for sure. Nothing is impossible if we do that with all our dedication. Parents and Students must follow the tips mentioned herewith complete perseverance; this will keep away exam stress.

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