Which Are The Top 10 Most Powerful Commando Forces In The World

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Special Forces are specially trained forces with extensive machinery and weapons to conduct against any anti-social and anti-national elements. Special forces undergo very difficult physical and mental training to deal with anything inside and outside the country. Therefore, they are the most powerful force for the security of the country. It would not be wrong to say that these are highly trained military units, well equipped to carry out unconventional secret missions which are usually related to the political, economic objectives of the country.

Each country has its own army, and out of that army, the most brave and the best soldiers are made by selecting “Special Forces”. They are formed for the special purposes of the country. Almost all the major countries of the world have formed their own special forces and their main objective is to stop terrorism, stop the growing move of the enemy, etc. Let’s study through this article about the 10 most dangerous commands of the world.

10 powerful commando forces of the world

  1. Polish GROM (Poland)

Poland’s Special Force is the GROM, which was formed on 13 July 1990 for special purposes. GROM stands for “Thunderbolt” which describes their strategy – speed, accuracy and lethal force. The main task of this force is to find and kill the terrorists. This force consists of approximately 270 to 300 soldiers and each passes a serious series of “truth tests” along with psychological and physical durability tests.


  1. GIS (Italy)

Italy’s Special Force is GIS (The Gruppo di Intervento Speciale), whose main objective is to protect Italy from radical terrorists. Formed in 1978, the unit is part of Italy’s military police and is known for marksmanship. Its training is considered very difficult and about 200 commandos work in it.


  1. Israeli Sayeret Matkal, Israel

Israel is surrounded by highly hostile nations. It was founded in 1957, which took part in a number of counterterrorism and rescue operations such as the Boeing 707 organized by Black September terrorists in 1972 and the killing of force abducted in the Gaza Strip. It is known for its rescue mission to save 106 passengers at Entebbe Airport in Uganda in 1976. To qualify as Matkal commandos, members of Sayeret Matkal have to undergo rigorous training of 1 year and 8 months. Unit 269 participates in high-profile and covert counter-terrorism operations.


  1. GIGN (The National Gendarmerie Intervention Group), France

The Special Force of France is GIGN. It was formed in 1973 to deal with global fundamentalist terrorists. It is also called the Best Force of France. Whenever anti-terrorism operation takes place anywhere in France, the help of GIGN Force is taken. At present it is working against terrorists on a large scale.


  1. SSG (Special Services Group), Pakistan

Pakistan’s Special Force is SSG. It is considered one of the best special forces in the world for bravery and counter attack operations. It was formed in 1956 and was first deployed in the 1965 war. Let us tell you that Pakistan’s SSG has been involved in various operations in Afghanistan and against India, terrorists and other terrorist groups within the country. It was also involved in assisting the army during the 1971 India-Pakistan war.


  1. Marcos (India)

Marcos is a Marine commando group of the Indian Navy that is appreciated worldwide for its bravery and successful operation. The country’s Marine commandos are fully capable of fighting in land, air, and water. These commandos are trained in HALO and HAHO and are equipped with deadly warheads such as rifles, snipers. At the same time, they are also taught a lesson in fighting psychological conditions. Marcos is one of the most powerful and dangerous commands in the world. It is said that out of 10,000 only one is made Marcos commando. These Marcos commandos of India can swim even if they are tied hands and feet. In mental and physical abilities, they also leave the Navy SEAL behind. They assisted the army in the Kargil war and had a special role in dealing with terrorists in the 26/11 Mumbai attack. Special karate (martial arts) is taught to these commandos. They know to operate all kinds of weapons, helicopters and ships.


  1. Russian Spetsnaz

Russia’s Special Force is Spetsnaz. The well-trained alpha group is only part of Spatsnaz. It is the most highly trained group in the world. Their training is considered the most cruel and best in the world. These commandos are so dangerous that they are capable of rescuing Russia even in the most difficult circumstances. Such a dangerous test is banned in Europe and America. They are directly controlled by the military intelligence group GRU (Spetsnaz GRU). It is known for taking covert actions during World War II, rescue operations and many high-profile killings. They work with the Alpha Group in some important missions.


  1. Delta Force, USA

The first Special Force Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D), is world famous mainly as Delta. This commando force is known for the world’s most dangerous and swift action. Its position is at the top of the US intelligence forces. Let us tell you that Delta Force is different from Navy SEAL of US, because both have different selection process and training. This force is trained with the most sophisticated technology so that special operations and rescue operations can be carried out. It has been publicly displayed after various terrorist activities in 1997. Its main task is to stop terrorist activities and other anti-national forces and for this, the US government has equipped them with sophisticated weapons. During September 11, 2001, Delta Force was used to eliminate the Taliban in Afghanistan. Do you know that National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel have also made several documentaries on Delta Force.


  1. US Navy SEALS

Navy Seal is considered, America’s deadliest and most dangerous Commando Force. Seal teams are trained in more water than land, as they are perfect for becoming a marine specialized group. It was formed in 1962 to deal with attacks by water bodies such as river, ocean and marshes. Their training is also considered to be the most dangerous in the world. It is said that 95 out of 100 soldiers are rejected before joining the Navy Seal. This force is said to have highly aggressive and physical capabilities to counter the mission. Do you know that SEAL Team-6 is also known for killing Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan.


  1. SAS (Special Air Service) British

Britain’s Special Force is SAS. It is the oldest and best elite group in the world. This Special Air Service was formed in 1941 during the Second World War. They are respected all over the world for their valour. It is considered to be one of the finest special forces in the world. These forces also undergo lethal training and they are prepared to face every kind of environment. Let us tell you that this force works against terrorist incidents and it is also used to root out the opposing army in other countries. It is also known for training the US Navy SEAL and other elite groups in the United States.

So these were the most dangerous commando forces in the world, who play the main role in ending terrorism in their country.

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