Top Jobs for Women with High Salary

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Jobs For Women: If you also want to choose a career according to your comfort and interest, then you can focus on these jobs.

Best Jobs for Women in India: Faith and Perseverance, both are things that help us to fulfill our dreams. Although no job is gender-specific, there are some jobs that are comfortable and suitable for women. Often women like to choose their field and job according to the timing and workplace. To do any job, only your own talent and hard work come in handy. Despite the dominance of government jobs, people prefer to work in the private sector because of their high salaries. So, let’s know about the top jobs on which women can focus.

Career In Teaching

We all know that the teaching field is considered the best for women because the working time is less in it. In addition, she can take out the rest of the time for herself. There is a lot of growth in the education sector and high salaries are available in the teaching field. It depends on your experience, degree, and work, how much will be your salary. But one month salary in private school is around ₹ 31,734.

Career In Air Hostess

It is considered a glamor-filled career option, which is very popular among Indian women. If you have good communication skills and have an attractive personality, then this profession is made for you. After becoming an air hostess, you will travel to different places and countries, enjoy staying in hotels and get the experience of interacting with new people every day. Hard work with 100% commitment, dedication, and courage is necessary to work in this profession.

Air service carriers like Air India and Indian Airlines recruit young women in the age group of 19 to 25 years for air hostess training.

Fashion Designing is the Best Option (Career in Fashion Designing)

Nowadays everyone wants to be at the forefront of fashion and lifestyle. In such a situation, the demand for those who design dresses, shoes, and different types of things is increasing. Fashion designing is a popular career option, which is very much liked by women. If you are interested in fashion and designing, then it would be best to make this field a career option. For this, you can do a graduation or diploma course from any reputed institute after the 12th. According to your experience and ability, you can get a month’s salary of ₹ 43,810 in this field.

Women can make a career in advertising

If you like creativity and new ideas come in your mind, then the advertising field can be the best career option for you. In this, you get a chance to learn new things and you create awareness among the public. With attractive ads, the target audience must be engaged. If you want, you can do graduation in advertising and then work easily with an ad agency. In the advertising field, starting salary can earn 35 thousand per month.

Career In Human Resources

This field is good for those people who are willing to work in corporate jobs and can help people to solve their issues and problems. HR Management is a fast-growing career option for women. You can do MBA or PGDM in HR Management for a good start.

The job of HR is to shortlist, onboard, hire and train candidates

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