Valentine Day 2022: Andaman is the Perfect Destination to Spend Quality Time with Your Partner

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Andaman is the best destination to double the fun of romance and spend quality time on the occasion of Valentine’s Day with your partner. So it is important to know where to go and roam here.

If you are thinking of spending a few days alone with your partner on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, then plan to travel somewhere to spend quality time. Although there are many places that are especially known as romantic destinations, most of these places are crowded on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. So why not go to such a destination that is away from the crowd, being beautiful and doubling the fun of romance. Andaman is one such destination.

Romance on the islands of Andaman has its own fun. The Andaman Islands are far away from the cities of North India. After the air journey to Port Blair, the way of opening too many islands of Andaman opens. Upon reaching Havelock Island, you will feel as if you have reached a different world. Visiting here will take you to a different world. The amazing beauty of Havelock’s Radhanagar Beach and the view of the sunset peeping from that coast will invite you to go far away with your beloved. After spending a few days on the island, catch a ferry to the Nile Island.

Romance with Adventure in Andaman Island

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Life here seems to be tame-tame, tedious. However, if we go under the sea, perhaps even reaching the end of the other world, the surprise will not end! If the path of romance goes through adventure for you, then how about scuba or snorkeling on the Andaman Islands? Spend the day with your sweetheart in the adventure school and give new romance to your romance. Here you will find many diving sites.

The beauty of Nile Island

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The view of the Bay of Bengal, the sea and the rising sun on it, must have infiltrated your memories forever. Nile Island is barely 19 sq km. It is spread over an area and its maximum width is probably 5 km. Will be. If you have forgotten to bring with you tissues, sunblocks, talcum, umbrellas, toothpaste, brushes, or whatever else you need every day, then there is nothing to worry about, reach the market directly from the jetty, buy whatever you want and then South Indian, North Indian, Israeli, German, whatever you like, breakfast-food is available here at genuine price.

You can get up early in the morning and start your day after watching the sunset from the Sitapur coast. Get to the other side of the sea before noon, where the natural bridge is and due to the low tide, the ocean rises like a full secret here. As soon as the water of the sea descends from here, an exhibition like Marine Life takes place. Decide on a tuk-tuk ride and get rid of every secret of the island with this little one. And yes, we forgot to say that Neil has hidden many more amazing experiences. For water sports, this island also overtakes Havelock. Take the Laxmanpur beach for sunset. There is also beauty on this coast.

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