Welcoming The Festival Of Lights In A Different Way

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Markets thronged by people, offices, and homes ornamented, people exploding firecrackers, family and friends busy trading regards & Diwali gifts. These are some conventional methods of commemorating the festival of Diwali. Nevertheless, suppose you aspire to have a delightful twist to your festivities this time around. In that case, you can exercise these suggestions to supplement a new experience to your celebrations this year.

The Natural method – Numerous times, we ornament our offices and homes with fake lightings, but assume, you light up your home with a picturesque series of diyas. It will not merely seem excellent, but you will receive a genuinely vibrant and positive atmosphere and loads of natural lighting, and you will also save electricity. You can also opt for eco-friendly Rangoli shades prepared from spices and food articles rather than chemical-based colors.

  • Yellow color – Turmeric
  • Red color – Dried red chilies or even kumkum
  • White color – Rice powder
  • Green color – Cardamom or fennel
  • Brown color – Cloves or Cinnamon

You can also create rangoli from the original blooms; they will produce an excellent celebratory atmosphere.

A Family affair – Now, people are so involved in hunting for a more desirable subsistence & prosperity that they wind up contributing more extended time to their job instead of their family. On the other hand, Diwali gives you a chance to reconvene as a family & commemorate together & treasure old memories and build new ones. So, reunite with friends, family, and relatives whom you haven’t visited in quite some time.

Bye-bye Crackers – The earth is already in chaos in terms of contamination, so we should not pressurize it more by exploding firecrackers. They not merely contaminate the atmosphere but also produce antagonistic health consequences on humans and other living creatures. Instead, we can organize a cleanliness drive around our society and collect all the degradable & non-degradable rubbish. Give the non-degradable trash to the respective authorities & utilize the natural scrap to produce a bonfire and revel in various fun activities, like preparing handmade sky lanterns or handmade diyas.

Put your phones away – The festival of light comes only once a year, so do not approach it like merely another day. Set yourself apart from the internet, social media, laptops, and smartphones for some time and spend time with friends, family, relatives, the beauty of nature, or simply giving yourself time. It will be an excellent stress buster.

Homemade treats – People who are hugely occupied during the celebratory season are the women of the house. They have to prepare sweets, snacks, and exclusive food articles, and they will surely welcome an aiding hand. You can also try preparing some treats yourself & savor them with friends and family. You can also provide an eco-friendly variation for serving; you can utilize earthen glasses and banana foliages rather than taking the traditional route.

Present something unusual – Swapping gifts with friends and family has invariably been a popular & indispensable element of festivities. And now that you said no to firecrackers, you possess sufficient time and money to hunt in malls, regional markets, and online shops for unique gift articles that you can choose as a Diwali gift for friends, family, and relatives. If you live away from your family, you can send Diwali gifts in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, etc. via online shopping.

Spend time with needy people – When we help somebody, we invariably obtain a feeling of fulfillment. So, this festive season be prepared for the same & receive loads of blessings. All the funds gathered by you, from not purchasing firecrackers, can be utilized to buy clothes, toys, and books for the unfortunate people and children. Apart from that, you can also spend some time with older adults in old-age homes and help them smile.

Coddle yourself – On each festive occasion, we primarily think of gifting other people. However, when do we think about ourselves? This festive season, pamper yourself and others as well with new gifts of their and your interest.

These are some ways you can greet this festive season differently, and have a pleasant and happy Diwali.

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