What are some common signs of early pregnancy?

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When the pregnancy starts, such symptoms are seen in the body, which is better to get a test done on realization.

In today’s era, couples are very attentive to family planning. Because of this, they conduct all kinds of precision. But in many cases, even after taking these precautions, pregnancy occurs, about which the woman comes to know very late. Because of this, in the initial time women are not able to take much care about the baby in the womb. This should not happen to you, so it is important to know the initial symptoms related to pregnancy, so that if you see them, you can confirm through the test whether you are pregnant or not.

Spotting and Cramps

It is generally believed that bleeding in pregnancy is a threat, but a symptom of the onset of pregnancy is similar. Actually, when pregnant, the fertile egg sticks to the wall of the uterus. This can cause some blood to flow through the vagina. It is also called implantation bleeding. They may also cause abdominal cramps. Overall, these symptoms are something that women usually experience before their periods.

Changes in Breast

After conception, hormonal changes in the body of women intensify. Due to this, you may feel swelling, pain or tingling in the breast. With this, the color of the nipple area also starts getting darker.


A woman may feel more tired in the body within a week of starting pregnancy. When they feel weakness in the body, they desire to rest again and again. This fatigue continues to feel in the body even without working.

Morning sickness

Morning sickness is considered a common symptom of pregnancy, but not necessarily all women experience it in the morning. Nausea or vomiting can occur at any time of the day, so one needs to be more vigilant about this symptom.

Miss a period

Keeping track of period dates is very important to find out about pregnancy. If the date is missed after one month, there is no harm in getting the pregnancy test done either at home or to the doctor.

Other symptoms

When pregnant, women may experience headaches, backache, dizziness, constipation problems, excess urination and rapid mood changes. This is due to the ongoing changes in the body at conception.

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