What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Boyfriend / Girlfriend

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Love is a feeling that everyone wants to experience. This feeling is such that it is only full of positivity. However, there is also another face of love that can harm you slowly even if you don’t want to.

These are the 5 benefits and 5 disadvantages of being a boyfriend/girlfriend we have mentioned in this post. Everyone feels the same when love begins in real life. The day started with Good Morning in the morning, followed by a continuous chat, and ended the night by talking late. But the relationship is not just happy feelings but can also harm you. So let’s know about the advantages and disadvantages of having a boyfriend/girlfriend in life:

Benefit Number 1: friend and lover’s package

Boyfriend or girlfriend is so close to the heart and they talk so much throughout the day that they become not only the love of your life but also close friends. What upsets you, what gives you happiness, what is not liked, what little things like couple start sharing each other every day, due to which one feels that in every moment of life Stand with you.

Loss number 1: You’re going to lose real friends

Since you spend more time talking to your lover or going on a date, this reduces the chance of going to a friend circle or talking to them because they will become your second priority bit by bit. Initially, all the friends adjust, but later they start to get away and the person who is in love cannot even realize that their close friends are now missing. This is the most common disadvantages of having a boyfriend/girlfriend 

Benefit number 2: You will learn to care

It is common to take care of the loved one while in love. Ongoing shopping, like clothes for them too, order some food for them too, if the mood is bad then do something to make it good, take care of his or her health, etc. The way love teaches you to care for someone is rarely something else.

Loss number 2: Forgetting to take care of yourself

Couples are so busy caring for each other that they forget to take care of themselves. Talking more, you will not get proper sleep time which gives rise to things like headache, dark circles, mood worsening. Shopping for them along with yourself can spoil the budget, which you will have to bear at the end of the month. The stress that causes this also causes skin trouble. There are so many things that, while caring for the loved one, they forget to do it for themselves, and then they have to suffer themselves.

Benefit number 3: Getting Emotional support

One is getting emotional support when a boyfriend or girlfriend is there. Its value is felt especially when you are sad, angry, or stressed. At such a time, talking to your loved one makes you stress-free, at the same time, they also get opinions on things and guidance in many cases, which helps in dealing with emotionally disturbing things.

Loss number 3: Emotionally weakening

Emotional dependence on one makes you weak. You forget to face the emotional stress you face with challenges, solve them. In such a situation, if you do not talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend then it makes you even more negative because you feel as if he is not with you during your difficult times. It can also cause double emotional stress depression, which breaks.

Advantage number 4: finding a partner to depend on

Being in a relationship not only emotional but also supports many types. For example, to book tickets, if you do not want to cook, then tell your girlfriends or boyfriends, you have to bring something from anywhere, but even if you do not want to go there, tell them. These things make life extremely easy and give you time to focus more on your work as well.

Loss number 4: Forget being a self-dependent

These kinds of things show your dependence on each other. But imagine what will happen if a breakup occurs? These small things will also become difficult for you. Therefore, it is better to always maintain the habit of doing things related to yourself which will help you to remain strong even in the absence of your loved one.

Benefit number 5: Finding every moment partner

Couples are always connected via phone, whether it is a message or a call. During this meeting also happens, in such a way, meeting them every day fills life with love and care. It fills a pleasant feeling of positivity, which also has an effect on nature.

Loss number 5: Invitation to loneliness

Suppose your boyfriend/girlfriend is transferred, has to go out to study, go on a tour, or has a breakup… what will happen then? Every moment that was filled with them would be completely blank. Because of the relationship that you did not pay attention to others, you will find that you are now alone.

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