What are the Benefits and Losses of Drinking Beer?

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Apart from tea and coffee, Beer is the third most famous drink in the world. Although high consumption of beer is not beneficial for health it is also not that it only has disadvantages. Many researchers have also made claims about some of the benefits of beer that may surprise you.

Yes, if you drink beer occasionally and that too in a very balanced quantity then it can have some benefits. Learn the amazing benefits of drinking beer.

Strong Bones

Beer has a good level of silicon that keeps bones strong. In 2009, research by Tuft University found that people who occasionally consume beer have stronger bones.

Good for Heart

If you drink a balanced amount of beer, it can also be healthy for the heart. In research, an organization of Italy found that people who consume a balanced amount of pint beer are 31 percent less likely to have heart diseases than others.

Also, the research said that consumption of balanced amounts of beer increases the level of good cholesterol in the body.

Beneficial for Kidney

Researchers in Finland have claimed based on their research that consuming a balanced amount of beer reduces the risk of kidney stones in people who consume other alcoholic drinks. They believe that beer has a high water level, so it can be beneficial for the kidney.

Keeps You Away from Alzheimer’s

Drinking beer reduces the risk of mental illnesses like Alzheimer’s and dementia. A research conducted in 2005 studied 11,000 old women, based on which they summarized this fact.

The Risk of Cancer can be Reduced

A research conducted in Portugal found that the Heterocyclic Amines (HCA) present in beer help in removing harmful carcinogens that cause cancer in the body. The sugar in beer helps in creating HCA.

Be Careful Excessive Habit of Drinking Beer May Harm your Health.

  • Drinking a large amount of beer makes more toxic substances in your body.

  • Drinking a large amount of beer affects your liver.

  • Consuming a lot of beer for a long time causes a deficiency of Vitamin B1 in your body, which can cause eye weakness.

  • Consumption of beer in large quantities affects sex life.

  • The biggest effect it puts on our immune system is due to which we may have to face many more problems.

Drinking alcohol is harmful to health. Avoid this and save others as well.

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