What are the Common Mistakes in Daily Life Which Causes High Blood Pressure?

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The problem of high BP is mainly lifestyle related disease which can cause many diseases rather than one. In such a situation, we are telling you about those habits that you should change immediately.

These reasons increase your blood pressure

High BP, high blood pressure, hypertension, whatever you call it, but this disease is increasing very fast nowadays. Let us tell you that 1 out of every 3 Indian is struggling with high blood pressure. Earlier, where high BP disease was commonly seen in the elderly, now not only the youth of 20-20 years but also the children are having high blood pressure. About 40 percent of India’s urban population is suffering from hypertension and if we look at the figures, this number increasing rapidly.

What is high blood pressure?

Try to understand it in easy words, whenever our heart beats ie it pumps, it works by sending blood to our whole body through arteries. How much blood is passing through these arteries is called blood pressure. When Artri is the normal reading of 120/80 blood pressure and from 120/80 to 139/89 is considered to be between the normal range. However, your doctor can tell you which level of your blood pressure is normal, keeping your body in mind.

These diseases are caused by high BP

According to the doctors, the problem of high blood pressure is mainly lifestyle related disease which can lead to many diseases, such as heart attack or stroke, heart failure, kidney effect, dementia, memory loss etc. We are telling you that about your daily habits, due to which you are unknowingly becoming a patient of high BP.

The biggest and first reason is stress

Nowadays everyone have Stress in life. Even school going children also have stress due to pressure of the exam. Overall, everyone is in pressure and living a life full of stress. Due to stress, hormones that increase blood pressure in the body are released, due to which the pressure on the blood vessels begins to rise and your blood pressure increases.

Eating More Salt

You must have seen many people who eat extra salt. They find less salt in everything and they eat food after adding salt from above.. If this is your habit too, change it today. Eating more salt increases the amount of sodium in the body, due to which water retention occurs in the kidneys and lots of fluids start flowing in your blood and blood pressure increases.

Smoking and Drinking

It is not necessary that you are a chain smoker, but even if you smoke occasionally, the risk of high blood pressure increases significantly. The nicotine present in cigarettes permanently constricts blood vessels, leading to high blood pressure. Consuming too much alcohol also poses a risk of high blood pressure. Drinking more than 1 or 2 drinks every day can make you a patient of BP.

Obesity or Increased Weight

People who are obese have more fatty tissue in their body, due to which blood vessels begin to shrink and their vascular resistance also increases due to which the heart has to pump more blood throughout the day and if the work of the heart increases. If it goes, then it is the biggest sign of increasing blood pressure.

Less Physical Activity

If you are sitting in the same place all day, not doing any kind of exercise and physical activity, then it can also increase your blood pressure because both high BP and exercise are connected. If you already have high BP, then you can control it through daily exercise.

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