What are the home Remedies for white discharge (Yeast Infection)?

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Leucorrhea or White Discharge (Yeast Infection) is not a dangerous disease; this problem is called white discharge in common language. This problem starts in every girl from 12-13 years. In some girls, this function starts before periods, and then some girls have to deal with this after periods. White discharge is a common problem for every girl, but there is a need to be a little careful when there is more white discharge than necessary. Let’s know in a little detail about this body function…

Why does white discharge happen?

When a girl begins periods, her body undergoes many hormonal changes. In fact, there are many reasons for white discharge. Like … Sometimes some women start having more white discharge due to anxiety. Apart from this, due to infection of private parts, this problem also starts to increase. This problem is also found in women due to lack of complete nutrients in food and repeated pregnancy.

Problems caused by white discharge

Due to White discharge women have to face problems like dizziness, tiredness, irritation and itching in private part, feeling of a strange smell and headache.

If you or your daughter having more problems with this discharge then you must see a doctor, as well as follow some home remedies. Let’s know the home remedies to get rid of white discharge…

Best solution

Figs (Anjeer) are a kind of dry fruit. It has been used for a long time to relieve the problem of white discharge. If you too have this problem, then soak 4 figs in a glass of glass every night and eat that figs, then drink the remaining water. This will solve your white discharge problem very soon.

Carrots, Spinach and Cabbage

To get rid of this problem, drink carrot, spinach and cabbage juice or soup every day. These three things are rich in iron and nutrients, which protect you from the weakness of feeling white discharge. We also reduce this problem.

Roasted Chickpeas (Grams)

Take 1 handful of roasted gram daily. With this, you can also take jaggery.

Green vegetables

Eat Fresh green vegetables in lunch time as much as possible. Eat boiled broccoli in lunch snacks.

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