What is 9 Dash Line and Controversy on South China Sea?

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What is 9 Dash Line?

The 9 Dash Line is related to China, a fictional line drawn in its southern sea along China, known as the South China Sea. This line is completed in 9 dashes by not drawing it directly, hence it is named 9 dash line. And because this line passes through the official seas of the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore, the countries bordering the South China Sea, the line has been the cause of international controversy.

9 dash line of south china sea

According to international rules, when a country forms a border with a sea, then the area up to 200 miles of that sea becomes the official property of that country. Whereas 9 dash line passes through this 200 mile area of ​​these countries. The line occupies 80% of the total area of ​​the South China Sea, thereby declaring China to claim 80% of the total sea. To substantiate this claim, China cites the time when kings ruled China 3000 years ago and makes it clear that they have historical authority over this sea. China says that all the islands in the South China Sea belong to it and it has the right over 200 miles of sea area around the islands which makes up 80% of the total ocean. While the Philippines claims 200 miles of this sea area, which has been recognized by the International Court of Justice, but because of the fact that China bypasses the decision of the International Court, there exists a dispute between the Philippines and China.

Economic Importance of South China Sea

ASEAN countries such as China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and Bunei are claiming this sea area. In particular, two large islands called Paracel and Spratly are the main cause of dispute. China claims his ownership on these islands, while countries like Philippines etc. say that they come under their jurisdiction. The Paracel Islands were occupied by China and Vietnam until 1974. He captured the entire archipelago after Chinese soldiers were killed in a clash between South Vietnam and China.
The biggest root of the dispute in this area is the huge reserves of oil and gas present in the trough of the ocean. According to a report, Spratly Island has about 11 billion barrels of natural gas and vast reserves of oil and coral in its periphery. It is known that China, Vietnam and Taiwan have claimed “Spratly Islands”.
Apart from oil and gas, this area is also very important for the countries involved in fish trade. Perhaps this is the reason why China wants its monopoly in the region.

Frequently Asked Questions on 9 Dash Line:

  1. Nine dash line dispute is related to which countries?

Answer- China, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore.

  1. Nine dash line is an imaginary line drawn in which ocean?

Answer- In the South China Sea.

  1. How was the Nine Dash line named?

Answer- It is completed in nine dashes instead of drawing straight line hence it is called Nine Dash line.

  1. Due to the Nine Dash Line dispute, which countries are at war?

Answer- Between China and the Philippines.

  1. What is the total area of ​​the South China Sea in which the Nine Dash line is drawn?

Answer- 35 lakh square kilometer.

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