What is FASTAG Which is Implemented on December 1?

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RFID on National Highways in India 

In order to promote electronic toll in the country and to provide convenience to travelers, FASTag is going to be mandatory on all National Highway Toll Plaza (Toll Plaza) across the country. The government is going to mandate fast tags or RFID on National Highways from 1 December. From December 1, a double toll tax will be levied on Non-Fastag vehicles.

What is Fastag or RFID?

An RFID or radio frequency identification device is actually a small chip or sticker that you can stick on the mirror on the front of your vehicle. This sticker or chip is called FASTag. When the fasted car passes through the National Highway or a toll plaza, the high definition camera on the toll point will scan the RFID or Fastag of the car and the toll payment will be done electronically.

If that car comes back to cross that toll for 24 hours, then no charge is taken from it, but up-down payment is deducted from its account. Now on new vehicles, they come only after fastening. Fast tags for older vehicles have to be purchased and installed.

How to Make RFID?

RFID can be made in any bank. From December 1 last year, the tolls across the country are made cashless. In such a situation, bank officers and employees have been seated on many tolls, so that the driver can complete the process of taking Fastag from there. For this, the driver needs a Photostat copy of his vehicle’s RC, Aadhaar card, PAN card, etc.

From here you can Take Fastag

Almost all major government and private banks of the country like SBI, ICICI, HDFC, AXIS BANK are providing Fastag. You can also buy Fastag online from Amazon. Fastag can also be purchased through PAYTM. Not only this, but there is also a facility to buy Fastags at the big petrol pumps in the country.

Information about where you can buy Fastag is available on ihmcl.com.

Get Fastag recharged

Fastag, like prepaid mobile phones, has to be recharged from time to time. To recharge, download the MY FASTAG app on your mobile and link the fast tag. Then through UPI or bank account, you can recharge Fastag with the help of the mobile app.

Changes have been implemented since 1st December 2019

From December 1, whichever vehicle comes on the toll with RFID tag, then the camera on the toll detects it. If the car has taken the fast tag, then the toll amount will be deducted from its account itself and the automatic barrier in front will open. This will easily pass through the toll.

Will have to pay double the toll

If your car does not have FASTag and you take the wrong lane on the toll plaza, then you may have to pay double the toll amount under the penalty.

Benefits of Fastag

The National Highways Authority and toll officials believe that the implementation of this process will not only lead to the digitization and start the cashless process but will also save a lot of time for the drivers. Long lines of vehicles at toll points will also get rid of. This process takes only 10 to 30 seconds in a vehicle.

There will also be relief from the long queues of vehicles and pollution from it. As the electronic toll collection increases, there will be curbing of fraud or tax evasion at the toll point.

But many people are also protesting about this. Member of District Customer Welfare Council, Mo. Shahid Sharif has said that the central government is implementing the fastag with a threat. All the drivers on national highways have been made compulsory to pay money through FastApp and have been ordered to collect double tax on non-payment. He said that the imposition of such rules on the customers under the 1986 Act is a direct violation of the rules. They said that when they tried to download their app, the process was not going ahead. Sharif said that if the government is doing any scheme digitally, then in such a situation, undertaking and awareness is also necessary. He said that it is a burden of coercion on the customers. He said that if this decision is not withdrawn, he will file a petition in

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