What is Special in Air force One?: Know Air force One Features

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One of the things and names used to symbolize the pride of the American President is ‘Air Force One Aircraft’. Airforce One is a government radio call sign used in the US Air Force aircraft while the President is aboard. That is, the traffic code of the aircraft in which the American President travels is Airforce One. The White House has also stated in its website that the American President may have to go anywhere at any time. ‘Air Force One’ is also a symbol for the American President.

Since 1990, the President’s fleet has had two specially designed highly customized Boeing 747-200B series aircraft with serial numbers “28,000” and “29,000” and bearing the Air Force designation “VC-25A”. Although the call sign on these aircraft is written “Air Force One” only when the President is on board, the term is colloquially used for one of the two aircraft that are commonly used and maintained by the US Air Force. It is only for the President, as well as for any additional aircraft used by the President. Air Force One is a major symbol of the US presidency and his power. This aircraft is one of the most famous and one of the most photographed aircraft in the world.

The Airforce One aircraft, equipped with other security features, including its unmatched strength to reach anywhere. Airforce One is a Boeing 747-200B class aircraft, which has been modified to make it very safe as per the requirement. The United States of America is written on the plane. The picture of the US national flag and the presidential seal is its special identity. Let’s know why Air Force One is special-

Airforce One Capacity

The specialty of Air Force One is that it can refuel in air other than Boeing’s regular passenger aircraft. The White House website says that the plane’s scope is “unlimited” and that it is capable of taking the president everywhere he wants to go. The technology given in this is capable of protecting against electromagnetic pulse. State-of-the-art secure communication equipment is provided in the aircraft. It allows the aircraft to function like a mobile command center in the event of an attack in the US.

What is special inside Airforce One

Boeing says it has 4,000 square feet of space. Three levels have been given for the President and those traveling with him. It also includes a large suite (room) for the President, which has a large office, toilet and conference room. There is also a medical room in Airforce One which works like an operation room and a doctor is always present in it. The aircraft has two kitchens, in which food can be prepared for 100 people at a time.

Airforce One also has rooms (quarters) for those who walk with the President. This includes senior advisors, officers of the intelligence service and other guests.

US President Donald Trump is going to buy two new Air Force One which is expected to be received by 2024. Airforce One is also set to change. Now Airforce One will be seen in red, white and blue instead of traditional blue and white.

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