What is the Major Causes of Hair Loss in Men?

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Everyone likes long and thick hair and everyone wants to always have hair on his head because nobody wants to be bald. The look of a person cannot be best unless he has beautiful hair on his head. In today’s fashion, keeping hair in different styles in fashion.

Due to the lack of hair on the head, we feel embarrassed and lacking our confidence. We use many types of hair products to remove baldness, but hair falls from day today. So today we will tell you about some common mistakes, after knowing that you will be able to save your remaining hair.

Rubbing more while washing Hair

Some people wash and scrub it with their hands to make the hair grow, weakening the hair follicles and causing hair breakage. So use fingers to clean hair. Massage gently with fingers. This increases the blood circulation of the head and makes hair thicker.

Excessive Hair Washing

Most men use shampoos daily to wash hair. This causes the hair to turn out to be weak from the root and the problem of dandruff increases. Those who have excessive hair loss should shampoo only 1 or 2 times a week.

Using a two-in-one shampoo conditioner

Never use a two-in-one shampoo conditioner. Use conditioner only after shampoo. Conditioner is used to moisturize the hair. But the more it is used, the more it makes the hair sticky, so both should be used separately.

Using Products on Wet Hair

The most important reason for hair loss is to use products on wet hair. Due to the application of water in the hair, the benefits of the products are less as the water reduces its effect. Therefore, dry the hair thoroughly and use any product on it.

Some measures to prevent premature hair loss:
  • Massage the scalp with lukewarm oil. This keeps blood circulation good and the hair follicles remain open.

  • Try to reduce stress through techniques like yoga and meditation. Avoid stressful situations. Stress hormones, such as epinephrine and cortisol, interfere with the natural growth of hair.

  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, as they help to promote healthy hair growth. Consume foods rich in iron, zinc, protein and omega 3 fatty acids.

  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

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