What is The Secret of Virat Kohli’s Fitness? Follow this Diet Chart of Virat Kohli

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Team India captain Virat Kohli is not only known for his excellent batting but also because of his fitness, he is the inspiration of millions of youth. Perhaps Kohli is the only player in world cricket who works so hard on fitness along with his food and drink. He is considered to be one of the fittest athletes in the world. As much as passion is for cricket, the same passion for fitness is also there. During a chat show, Virat himself said that he spends one and a half hours during the cricket season and about four hours in the offseason on the workout in Gym. We are telling you about some of the secrets of Kohli’s fitness which he himself told during the chat show. Virat prefers home food and tries to keep a distance from Junk foods. However, this is rarely possible due to frequent cricket tour.

Virat follows a healthy and right diet plan instead of any fast or junk foods. Virat believes that if I had not paid attention to fitness, I would not be here today where I am. He says that my day starts with fitness and an example of this is seen many times when he also keeps putting his fitness videos on his social media accounts.

As we all know that Virat is from a Punjabi family, then it can be understood how much he would love to eat. Once in an interview, he himself has accepted that he likes different types of food. Virat likes Chole Bhature very much. But he keeps a distance from them for their health and fitness.

Virat Kohli Turns Vegan, Says Feeling Stronger Than Ever

About a year ago, Virat Kohli took a big decision related to his fitness, and now nonveg is not involved in Virat Kohli Diet Plan. A person who was fond of eating non-veg since childhood suddenly decided to become a vegetarian. He must be knowing what are the benefits of being vegetarian. Virat Kohli has now become fully vegetarian and in a recent report of ‘Times Of India,’ it was also revealed that Virat has benefited a lot from this. He has completely abandoned meat, egg, and dairy products. He includes various super-foods in his diet that gives him more energy and less fat.

How is Virat Kohli’s diet chart nowadays?

The boy who once loved things like biryani, chhole bhature, butter chicken, mutton has changed a lot for his career and his fitness. Now protein shake, soy, and vegetables have replaced meat and eggs in his diet chart nowadays and Virat Kohli is vegan 100%.

Virat’s Breakfast Diet

According to a report, Virat earlier used to have grilled meats along with omelets, spinach, and cheese in his breakfast. Along with this, he used to eat watermelon and papaya. Now things like meat and eggs have been removed from their breakfast and have been replaced by a protein shake, soy, fruits, dry fruits, and three-four cups of green tea.

Virat’s  Lunch Diet

Virat also likes mashed potatoes, green vegetables, spinach for lunch. Earlier he used to take red meat also but now he is out of diet plan. Virat Kohli is currently on a gluten-free diet and tries to stay away from fried food.

Virat‘s Dinner Diet

According to a report, Virat used to like the most seafood at dinner, but at present, he is on green vegetables, soy diet. He also carries gluten-free bread and nut butter during his net session.

Further, Virat Kohli not only eats healthy food but also advises people to stay away from junk food. He often prefers to eat healthy instead of fried chips like Wheat crackers or anything similar. Virat especially hates fried chicken and he has been seen many times advising people not to eat KFC and junk food.

Virat’s Workout

Everyone knows that Virat goes to gym daily and does a strict workout.

  • Virat workouts five days a week and rests for two days.

  • Virat does exercises like weight lifting and cardio. This creates lean and strong muscles, increases stamina and physical strength, and lower body muscles are also toned. This is the result of a quick run between the wicket and accurate throw.

  • Kohli neither smokes nor takes alcohol to maintain better stamina, immunity, and focus.

You can extract the essence of all this that nothing will happen until you pray; “No pain, no gain.” You must have dedication, discipline, and will power. There is a lot more to be done to stay fit for a long time. Virat Kohli has achieved this feat and he will go far ahead due to his strong power.

In the words of boxing legend Mohammad Ali- “A person who does not have the courage to take risks cannot achieve anything in life.” Never give up after facing the circumstances today; you will live the rest of your life like a champion.”

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