What is this Superfood? Know the Important Facts Related to Superfoods

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Superfood, is a term used for foods based on their specific benefits and quality. Generally, every food item has some specific vitamin, minerals and nutrients but food that contains multiple nutrients are called superfood. Superfood gives you multiple nutrients and instant energy without adding much calorie, thus helps you reducing weight. So overall, superfoods give you an additional gift, along with health and nutritional benefits, by automatically losing weight, just you should know about them.

Generally, even though we take a good diet, it is still insufficient. Superfoods fill this shortcoming. We have our own specialty and advantages of food, but there are some superfoods in which we get both together. It is like a nutritional-rich health supplement.

Superfoods give us a package of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients as well as additional nutritional elements such as antioxidants and flavanoids, which is why they are probably called superfoods. They are rich in phytochemicals, which increase immunity and protect you from diseases and provide extra life.

Some Superfoods reduce other problems by increasing the capacity of our brain. Oats, for example, contain beta glucan which is certified to lower cholesterol levels, while garlic is rich in allicin, which increases immunity. Talking about pomegranate, it is found as an anti-cancer, omega 3 in salmon fish, and vitamin E tocopheral in walnuts, which is a protective shield for the heart due to the richness of the allergenic acid. The amount of phytohormones in diabetes prevents diabetes.

But to get the most out of these Superfoods, there are some rules which, if followed and used, can give great results. Know these 4 rules:

  1. Firstly, you can’t cover up the bad diet of the day by eating a Superfood at the end of day. Like having Sabza Lemonade or other nutritious diets after eating pizza… not at all.

  2. This way will not work, you have to adopt these Superfoods by heart, and replace them with non-nutritious foods. By faking on one or two Superfoods, ignoring the other is also not perfect. No one Superfood can give everything to everyone. You have to keep a variety in them so that different nutritional benefits can be taken.

  3. Not necessarily expensive, attractive and exotic Superfoods are always better. Some domestic and native vegetables and other foods can also give you equal nutrition as compared to exotic Superfoods. Like Sabza instead of Chia Seed or Spinach instead of Kale.

    For example, 100 grams of sweet potato can give you 8.5 grams of beta carotene, which is better than others. Similarly, even though blueberry is rich in polyphenal and anti-cancer elements, as an alternative, you can get other inexpensive things with the same nutrition like – berries, phalasse, amla etc.

  4. By reducing them, that is, by using two or three superfoods at once, you can get many times more health benefits. For example, if sattu is mixed with coconut water, you can increase its benefits many fold. Or by mixing sweet potato with grilled salmon fish, a good combination can be made.

As you are taking Superfood in the diet, it is very important to be aware of these facts.

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