What is USB CONDOM and When to Use it?

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This is Devices called ‘USB condoms’ are becoming increasingly popular and their demand has increased rapidly. The reason for the sudden rise of these devices is not that these devices have anything to do with anyone’s personal life, but because of the need of public USB ports and chargers nowadays, they are proving useful.

A ‘USB condom’ or ‘USB data blocker’ is a simple device that prevents any Smartphone, tablet, or electronic device from transferring data and accesses the electricity battery only for charging.

This device is very simple in looking and small in size, these devices can be purchased online for around Rs 500. The most popular of these is the ‘USB condom’ PortaPow USB data blocker. It can be easily connected to any USB data cable and after that, the device can be connected to the public USB charging station with the help of any kind of data transfer cable and the device is charged. In simple words, this device converts the USB cable into a simple charging cable, so that data cannot be transferred.

This is how the charging scam happen.

These ‘USB condoms’ have now become a very useful accessory to keep data safe after the recent increase in USB charging scam ‘Juice Jacking’. Attackers have targeted many users with the help of public charging stations and easily install malware on multiple devices. Whenever users install the device for charging with the help of USB cable in public charging station, ransomware is installed in their smartphone and the personal data and passwords of the users can be stolen.

Importance of USB Condom

Many times scammers leave their USB cables on the charging station and other users plug the cable directly into their device. At the same time, in some attacks, the user’s device gets completely locked and the scammers themselves offer to unlock it and help and in return ask the user for money to do so. For these reasons, it is important to have a USB data blocker or simply ‘USB condom’, because using any such cable or charging space can be overwhelming. This is the reason that these small but extremely useful devices have become a necessity for travelers.

Whenever the mobile battery runs out, it seems as if life has stopped. Today we have started making digital payments to buy even paan, bidi and cigarettes.  Therefore, USB ports are provided for mobile charging facilities at airports, stations, hotels, public restrooms, shopping centers and elsewhere.

You connect your mobile to it and start charging the battery, but have you ever thought how safe it is to do so?  USB Condom blocks all permissions of the data exchange and makes your data safe.

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