When Is The Best Time To Discuss Family Planning?

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We often see in our society, various types of instructions are given to the couple before marriage. From adjusting to cooking in a new environment and winning the hearts of everyone in the in-laws, to control the partner, gurus are given. Whosoever understands it, he goes by giving a special tip. But among all this, one thing that is often overlooked is the matter of family planning.

Family Planning

Why family planning is not discussed?

  • In our society, in fact, the second meaning of marriage is children. Yes, everyone wants to hear good news as soon as they get married, so who thinks well about family planning?

  • If you do not get good news within a year after marriage, then people start making up things awful because we greatly glorify Motherhood.

  • Just like being a mother is the biggest purpose of a woman’s life, without motherhood, there is no importance to her existence.

  • People often consider the child to be the security of marriage and relationship; this is also the reason that after marriage, they wait for good news.

Parents expect the first child sooner.

Why is family planning important?

  • Due to busy schedules these days, a lot of priorities are changing. They have also had an impact on marriage and family planning. In such a situation, an accidental pregnancy can force many decisions to change.

  • These decisions range from career to financial planning.

  • When do you want the first child, if you want the second child, then after how many intervals… how life will change, responsibilities will increase, expenses will increase, work will increase.

  • How the couple will share the responsibility and work related to the child, how they will manage the career… A discussion of all these things is very important.


When to discuss family planning?

  • Now the question is, when should we discuss these things?

  • It is obvious that all these things should be done by the couple before marriage.

  • What are the views of both, how much agreement is there, it is very important to know so that there is no dispute later?

  • A big part of this planning – difference. What type of contraption to use, who to use, how long to use, etc. Decide the things in advance; otherwise, the accidental pregnancy can change many plans.

  • If the contraption fails, you have to be mentally prepared for accidental pregnancy. If your career and finance will be affected to a great extent, then it is also important to discuss it.

  • If you want, you can also go to the counselor and get advice.

  • But it is important that you get clear about all these things before marriage so that there will be no comment or accusation on each other later.


Family Planning Tips

  • Often, couples deliberately avoid these things before marriage, because they are hesitant.

  • They also feel that the relationship formed about such a thing should not be broken.

  • Girls are also hesitant because they feel that the partner does not think that she is talking outside the limits.

  • But it would be better that you leave all your doubts away without hesitation so that later you do not feel that I wish! I would have already talked.

  • By this, you will get an idea of ​​the maturity, thinking, and mindset of your partner.

  • You have come to know how straight it is, how clear its thought process is.

Be ready for change

  • Both of you will also have to discuss that both of your lives will change a lot after having children.

  • On the one hand, there will be good news, but on the other side, there are responsibilities.

  • According to the expenses will increase how much amount to invest in advance so that your financial condition is stable after having a child, its planning is also important.

  • Which plans to take for the child, it is important to know?

  • There will be changes not only financially, but also mentally and physically.

  • Mild depression, changes in the body, changes in lifestyle – Discussion on all these is also important.

  •  Your sex life will also change, due to which there can be mutual tension, then if you know each other’s mind by discussing beforehand, maturity will be tested, then you will be able to face the challenges of the future in a better way.

  • Waking up late at night after having a baby, taking full care of it can make the body and mind tired and it can also cause stress, which can also cause conflicts among themselves.

  •  There will also be a change in career. Maybe even if one has to leave the job or have to work part-time, then how will he manage?

  • How much time after having a child is to give importance to career again, how to raise a child, all these things seem small, but are very important for your relationship?


Time has also changed the mindset…

Apart from this, it’s better than today’s generation also accepting the truth that nature has made men and women differently and no one can change it. It would be better to welcome your baby happy so that it can grow in a positive environment.

If you feel the need, you can also seek the help of a counselor or seek the guidance of the elders of the household.

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