When to Stop Sex During Pregnancy?

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Often, couples have this question in their mind that whether they can do sex in pregnancy and if they cannot, why? Here we are telling you about some pregnancy conditions in which sex is prohibited.

Pregnant women should not do it at all. Some women are also asked for pelvic rest during sexual reproduction. Pelvic rest means refrain from sex during pregnancy. Pelvic rest is recommended to women in many conditions related to pregnancy.

Here we are going to tell you about the same pregnancy conditions in which the doctor recommends to stay away from sex.

Bleeding and spotting

Bleeding or blood stains in pregnancy means that you should avoid having sex in pregnancy. If you notice bleeding or spotting, talk to your doctor immediately. Bleeding can often occur in pregnancy and it may turn red blood instead of brown. This may be caused by bleeding inside the placenta or by Subchorionic hematoma (uterine lining and blood deposited in the outer membrane of the fetus).

Sometimes there is bleeding or spotting even at the beginning of pregnancy which is gradually cured. You may not need pelvic rest in this.

Preterm labor

Women who have previously had preterm labor may also be asked for pelvic rest. You will have to take this decision together with your doctor and partner.

Preterm labor chances in Pregnancy

Doctors already guess that the woman will have a normal delivery or have to have a caesarean operation. At the same time, the address of preterm labor can also be known. In this situation you should avoid sexual activity.

Some women are at risk of preterm labor. This happens even when there are twins or more than two babies in the womb. On the other hand, it can also happen if you smoke in any cervical problem or pregnancy. Talk to your doctor about symptoms of preterm labor.

Short Cervix

Some women may have cervical problems in which pelvic rest is spoken. These problems can be defined as having a small cervix.

In this condition, no symptoms may be seen and it may be detected suddenly during regular ultrasound.

This may or may not require pelvic rest. Therefore, in this situation, it is better to consult a doctor with your partner.

Placenta conditions

Certain conditions associated with placenta, such as placenta previa, may also be prohibited from sex during pregnancy. In this situation, contractions can occur due to the organism, which can lead to bleeding on the slightest opening of the cervix.

In case of any type of problem related to placenta, ask the doctor if you need pelvic rest or not. Apart from this, ask the doctor about what you should take care of so that mother and baby both will safe.

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