Who is YouTube Sensation Carry Minati, Who Roasted Tik Tok

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Who is Carry Minati?

Carry Minati

Carry Minati, who has become a YouTube sensation, is the person who has ruined Tik Tok. The fight started on 8 May by Carry Minati, a YouTube vs Tik Tok video. After this, within seven days, the Tik Tok rating has come down from 4.6 to 3.6. While the rating of Tik Tok Lite has come down from 4.9 to 2.9. Tik Tok users on social media are putting videos of deleting the app. Apart from this, the ratings of Tik Tok are also changing. But who is this YouTube sensation Carry Minati.

Tik Tok Rating Decreased

Left Studies for YouTube at the Age of 17

Ajay Nagar, who became famous by the name of Carry Minati, left studies for YouTube at the age of 17, is a resident of Faridabad. Born in 1999, Ajay Nagar dropped out at the age of 17 for YouTube. According to the information, Ajay Nagar started uploading videos on YouTube in 2009. At that time he used to upload videos of Sunny Deol’s mimicry. Apart from this, he also used to upload tricks for video gaming. Currently, he is also running live video-gaming channels with over 5 million subscribers.

Carry Minati got success after 3 attempts

Ajay Nagar aka Carry Minati didn’t get success after one attempt. Three times Carry Minati has changed the channel. After creating the channel in 2010, he created another channel in 2014. At that time named Adicted A1. But in 2015 created a new channel called Carry Deol. After this, the channel was renamed Carry Minati in 2017. This time he got great success. According to the information, after making the Carry Deol channel, he used to upload mimicry video of Sunny Deol. But he changed the name as soon as people started roasting. People liked the changed Carry Minati. Carry Minati currently has 17.5 million subscribers. While there were close to 10 million before the video was put.

The Battle was started by Elvis Yadav

The battle of YouTube vs Tik Tok was first started by Elvis Yadav . In a video put on April 18, Tic Tokers were made fun of. But the real fight took place from the video of Tik Toker Aamir Siddhaki. Aamir Siddhaki mocked YouTubers by replying to Elvis Yadav. After this, Carry Minati blew away the strips of Aamir Siddiqui in an 11-minute video. The popularity of the video can be gauged from this that the video put on 8 May had 77 million views till 15 May. In addition, more than 10 million people liked it. But that video was repeatedly reported and removed from YouTube.

The Battle Again Tik Tok Started from Here

The real fight against Tik Tok started after the video of Carry Minati was deleted from YouTube. On social media, users started putting videos of deleting Tik Tok. Also, #BanTikTokInInida started trending on Twitter. Meanwhile, Hindustani Bhau Vikas Pathak deleted the Tik Tok account with 1.5 million followers and uploaded its video on YouTube. After this, #Justiceforcarryminati started trending in support of Carry Minati and people flooded to support Carry Minati. Tik ​​Tok users in India started un-installing the app. Also downgraded the rating. Due to this, Tik Tok’s rating has dropped from 4.6 to 3.6 on May 17.


Carry Minati’s Live Video Created a Record

Carry Minati’s went live for the first time on May 17 after the YouTube versus Tik Tok video was deleted. 10 million people watched the video within five hours of YouTube Live. Also 4 million liked it.

At the same time, Tik Tok star Mr. Faisu started his YouTube debut in which he threatens to ruin YouTube. On May 14, he posted his first video on YouTube with the name Exploring Shillong. But 25 lakh dislikes have come on that video so far. While the likes are just 3 lakhs.

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