Why Breast Cancer Cases are Increasing In Young Urban Women?

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The risk of breast cancer is increasing mostly among urban women compared to villages and towns. Despite all awareness campaigns, the cancer patient has not received social acceptance even today. This is the reason that even educated women are not able to accept the fact that they have become a victim of cancer. In our country, about 1.25 lakh new cases of breast cancer are coming out every year and in most cases, women do not go to the doctor because of shyness and hesitation. If cancer is detected in time, then treatment is possible.

Check Yourself Frequently

  • Who can know your body better than you, if you want to avoid the risk of cancer, and then do self-examination frequently?

  • While lying on the bed or while taking a bath, rotate your hands on the breast and feel that there is no lump. Sometimes this knot is very small too, go to the doctor without delay.

  • If you feel that the size of the breasts is increasing abnormally or there is swelling in the armpits, do not ignore it and get it checked immediately.

  •  If the size of the nipple starts deteriorating, it becomes red or it starts to bleed, then it can be dangerous.

What are the reasons?

  • There is no single reason for breast cancer; many reasons can be responsible for this.

  • Sometimes it is due to genetics. If this has happened to close relatives (mummy, aunt, grandmother) in the family, then your chances of falling prey to it increase.

  • Not having breastfeeding and not having children is also a big reason for this. Working women in the cities marry late, who are late in childhood and most of the women are unable to get their children breastfed for a long time due to poor figures or jobs.

  • It can also happen due to the wrong lifestyle i.e. excess fatty food, not exercising, etc.

  • Excessive obesity, excessive consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, etc. may also be the reason for this.

How to avoid breast cancer?

  • Avoid alcohol and cigarettes.

  • Exercise regularly to keep weight under control.

  • Reduce the amount of fatty food. Eat healthy food.

  • Breastfeed the child as much as possible.

  • If there is a history of breast cancer in the family, then get regular checkups done.

  • If the age is below 35, then keep doing Sonography.

  • If you are over 35, then mammography needs to be done.

  • At the age of 40 years, mammography should be done once and then every 2 years so that the cancer is detected in the initial stage itself.

Some Facts Related to Breast Cancer

  1. Breast cancer cases have doubled in the last 25 years.

  2. If the cancer is detected at the initial level, then it is more likely to be cured, but in our country, about 30 percent of the cases are detected after reaching the advanced stage, which makes it difficult for the patient to be saved.

  3. While the risk of breast cancer is increasing among urban women, the number of cervical cancer is increasing in the villages/towns. The rate of growth of cervical cancer in women in our country is 2.4 percent. The reason for this is the lack of awareness among the women of the villages, carelessness towards health, not taking care of hygiene, etc. Having more children, not using condoms during sexual activity also poses a risk of cervical cancer. If it is detected at the right time, then treatment is possible, but in most cases, the patient would have known the disease only after reaching the advanced stage. Its symptoms are difficult to understand. Therefore, the best solution is to get the checkup done. After the age of 30, get the Pap smear test done from time to time. If all is normal then get a checkup done once every 5 years.

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