Why is it advisable to Eat Gond Ladoo After Delivery?

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At the time of pregnancy and after delivery, women are advised to consume 1 to 2 gum ladoos on a regular basis, but do you know why it is called during pregnancy and delivery.

Gives Inner Strength and Hot in Nature

The Gond is warm. It contains many other salts such as galactose, arabic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, which provides inner strength to women, which removes physical weakness.

Which Gond is beneficial?

The Gond of Acacia and Arabic tree is beneficial for health. Edible gond from acacia tree is rich in medicinal properties, while gond from other trees is used for printing with pasting paper and cloth. daily eating 1 or 2 gum ladoos with 1 glass of milk is beneficial for health.

Fights with Physical Weakness.

After delivery, the woman feels physical weakness. There is pain in the waist and joints, bones are weak. Energy decreases in women. Gond contains high amounts of calcium and protein which strengthens bones, relaxes muscles.

To increase the amount of milk in the breasts

Regularly consuming 1-2 gond ladoos increases the amount of milk in the breasts, which makes it easy to breastfeed and the baby gets its nutritious ingredients through breastfeeding. Eating before delivery also helps in baby’s development.

Increase immunity, prevent viral diseases.

During this, the immunity of women decreases. In such a situation, eating 1 ladoo will boost your immunity and you will be saved from cough, cold, diarrhea, phlegm and other diseases.

Relieve period pain

Period resumes after delivery. Gond laddoo keeps blood circulation right. The problem of spasms and back and abdominal pain during periods will be overcome.

Increase glow on skin

If you too have lost the glow and softness of your skin, consuming laddus would be beneficial for you. This will retain the moisture in the skin and bring back the lost facial glow.

Constipation problem

Many women have constipation problems after delivery, if constipation persists for a long time, then there is a risk of hemorrhoids. They are also advised to eat gond ladoos. This ladoos keeps constipation clean by correcting the digestion system.

Note: However, do not forget to consult a doctor before consuming it and for the right amount.

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