Why Money is Important in Life?

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In today’s time, money is very important. Today all of us have become materialistic, want to enjoy maximum happiness for which money is very important. Many times you must have heard people saying that “money is everything”, it seems at times.

Money has a lot of power. By this we can buy anything. Any good doctor, engineer can be used. You can buy the best food.

Forms of Money

  • Gold, silver, precious stones, expensive stones, diamond gems
  • Immovable property such as land, property, factory, factory, industry.
  • Shares, Bonds, Mutual Funds
  • As currency – paper notes and coins
  • E-currency such as Bitcoin

Advantages of Money

  • Can enjoy physical pleasures

With sufficient funds, all material comforts can be enjoyed such as taking a good house, good clothes, cars and other things.

  • Can live a dignified life

In today’s time, one who has wealth can live a dignified life in society. Children can be taught in good schools. Patients can get their treatment done by a good doctor. The plaintiff can get justice by having a good lawyer. In this way, a person can live a dignified life when there is abundant wealth.

  • Can buy nutritious food

You can get good nutritious food like milk, yogurt, fruits, nuts, non-vegetarian, eggs, green vegetables, if there is money. Whereas the poor, working class of the country are suffering from malnutrition and other diseases due to lack of nutritious food. A person can get good health by having wealth.

  • Means of convenience

Nowadays, every kind of happiness can be attained by having wealth. Such as good food, good clothes, mobile phone, TV, fridge, oven, bungalow, motor car etc. Whereas poor people are struggling with various problems due to lack of money.He is forced to strike in buses and trains in general compartment. He is forced to live in slums where he suffers from many diseases. A rich person can travel comfortably with a high class ticket.

  • Can be protected

Nowadays, if there is sufficient amount of money, a good house can be built. Can hire guards who will protect you 24 hours.

  • Can pay a loan

You can pay your debt through this.

Disadvantages of Money

  • Cause of crime

Nowadays everybody wants to collect more and more money. People want to achieve it in a moral and immoral way. Nowadays bank is robbed to get money. Robbery, murder and robbery are committed. In which criminals resort to violence and many people lose their lives. Therefore money is also the cause of crime.

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