Why online Store is shifting from Magento 1 to Magento 2

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Shifting from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Knowing that Magento 1 in the Community Edition has never complied with the PCI-DSS payment method standard, VISA, PayPal and perhaps other payment method providers still send e- mails urging a change for this reason. These are “political” statements. Basically, they are wrong, but every payment provider is free to reject payments via Magento 1 after the end of life. We at LIMESODA find this approach incomprehensible. Finally, every individual software can also connect PayPal, VISA & Co. nobody can check whether security updates have been installed there. This means that these payment providers put Magento on a worse level than any unexpected individual development, regardless of the effort involved in security. As I said: this is to be seen as a political statement.

We have contacted a large number of Payment Service Providers (PSPs) for our customers and asked for a statement on the further support of Magento 1. You will find the current status below. However, please contact your payment provider personally. We assume no liability for the topicality or correctness of the statements made:

  • Mollie and MultiSafePay are both listed as partners on the Mage-One.com website and continue to provide support.
  • mPAY24 / Heidelpay continue to accept Magento 1 payments. Only the payment extension is no longer actively maintained. However, this can be done by other service providers.
  • Card Complete ends the support for credit card payments according to its own statement on September 30, 2020. This is done at the instruction of Visa / Master Card International and is likely to affect other licensees as well. Other deadline solutions may be possible on an individual basis.
  • Wire card wanted to discontinue support as early as July 2020, but filed for bankruptcy in June 2020. So should be changed quickly.
  • Ayden stops support. This was announced a long time ago.
  • PayPal continues to support for the time being. After the threat of the end of support from July 2020, it was later announced that continued operation would not be “technically blocked”.

Most other providers either allow payments with Magento 1 until further notice (without further information) or have not given any feedback. In almost all cases, liability risks due to a lack of PCI compliance are pointed out.

Nothing lasts forever. If you have decided to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 or an alternative shop system, you could think about the following topics:

  1. Which functions of Magento 1 have you used and will you definitely need them again in the new shop?
  2. Could you reduce complexity because some things have not proven themselves at all?
  3. Are there new things that you always wanted to have in the shop?
  4. Do you have a document in which you have collected all the requirements for the new shop?
  5. Do you absolutely have to migrate data such as products, customers or orders?
  6. Is there a binding schedule that should be adhered to?
  7. How do you ensure the security of your Magento 1 shop until you switch?

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