Why Should Children Not Be Given Tea?

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Most children do not like to drink milk at all. They start making their mouths after seeing milk. To fulfill the deficiency of calcium in the body of children, mothers give two three-drops tea to the milk of children. Which is wrong. The benefits of milk are eliminated by adding a single drop of tea to milk. This causes many harms to the child. If you also give tea to your children, then the physical development of the child is not possible.

Many experts believe that the effect of tea on adults and children is completely different. However, it has a negative effect on the health of children. If your child drinks more tea, it also affects his muscles, brain, and nervous system. There is also a bad effect on physical development.

Today we will tell you how drinking tea has a bad effect on children, so let’s know about it.

Why is tea addictive

By giving tea to children every day, they start getting addicted. Tea has high amounts of caffeine. Which acts as a drug on the brain. Once it becomes addictive, it becomes difficult to get rid of it.

Here are the reasons why you should not give tea to children:

  1. Osteoporosis

Drinking tea causes pain in the bones and teeth of children. Later, these pains can prove fatal for children.

  1. Calcium deficiency

The effect of tea is very bad for young children. There is a lack of calcium in children by drinking tea. Children start having many problems with a lack of calcium.

  1. Stopping Growth

Drinking tea stops the child from growing in length. With this, the muscles of the child are not able to grow properly. This is the reason that the child remains weak and short in length.

  1. Changes in behavior

Drinking tea also changes the behavior of the child. Due to this, he could not do any work in a good way. This makes him irritable.

  1. Effect on sleep

Giving tea to children can cause problems with sleeplessness. Because the caffeine present in it can cause restlessness and sleep disorders in children. This will affect the concentration and activity of children. Apart from this, due to sugar in tea, the teeth of children can get spoiled. It can also cause stomach disorders.

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