Why Smoking the Hookah is Harmful more than Cigarette?

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Due to the modern lifestyle, there is a lot of change in our habits. People are also ready to play with their health to create an image in society. Today, where cigarette smoking is considered common, addiction to hookah is also increasing among the youth. Nowadays, the entire social media is full of videos in which youth are enjoying hookah but no one can deny that it affects our health.

If You Smoke Hookah for 1 Hour?

Nowadays, the trend of flavor hookah has increased and the youth are using it a lot, but this habit of the youth is pushing them towards addiction. According to health experts, a study has shown that if one smokes a hookah continuously for 1 hour, it is equivalent to smoking 100 cigarettes. And 100 cigarettes an hour can be very dangerous for our health.

12 to 17-year-olds Smoking hookah just because of this

At the same time, according to another study, 79 percent of the youth between the ages of 12 and 17 smoke hookahs. Hotels and restaurants serve hookah with watermelon, orange cream, caramel, tropical fruit, and chocolate flavor. Due to the flavored hookah, the addiction among youth is increasing and they are using it constantly.

Demand to Ban Hookah

Let me tell you that recently a video conferencing was held to stop the use of Tobacco in collaboration with Chandigarh Health Department and PGI Chandigarh. During this time it was also demanded that hookah should be banned completely. After video conferencing, a draft was also sent to the Chandigarh administration and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for a complete ban on hookahs across India.

Hookah is becoming a status

Hookah has become status in today’s lifestyle. In hotels and clubs, the youth get hookah at a common rate and get entry easily and the status of the youth who stay away from these things is underestimated. And in the same way, the habit of smoking hookah increased among the youth.

Flavor hookah causes health problems

Many youths feel that smoking flavored hookah does no harm but it is not so. Youngsters are under the misconception that they will not be harmed with this but smoking flavored hookah produces many chemicals in your body like ammonia, methanol, acetone, naphthalene, pyrene, cadmium, dye methyl, nitro semine, carbon dimonoxide, naphthalene, and they reach directly inside the body. Which are very harmful to the body.

Hookah is Harmful than Cigarettes

Not only this, but smoking hookah is also fatal than smoking cigarettes because tobacco nicotine goes directly into the body. The hookah has the highest risk of cancer. Along with this, the chances of heart-related problems, TB, impotency are very high.

Diseases may be caused by flavored hookah
• Oral cancer
• Lung cancer
• Colon cancer
• Esophageal cancer
• Pain and discomfort in the extremities
• Chance of cancer

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