Why Tourists are Attracted for Medical Tourism in India?

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What is medical tourism?

When a person travels to any other country outside his country for medical or treatment, it is called medical tourism. Presently, medical tourism is considered to be a new and most growing branch of tourism.

A few decades ago, people from developing countries often took medical tours to major medical centers in developed countries. But, in recent years, citizens of developed countries have started travelling developing countries like India for cheap but quality medicine.

Reasons for increasing medical tourism in India

India is in the process of becoming a major destination of global health tourism due to the following benefits-

  • Surgery such as bone marrow transplant, bypass surgery, knee surgery and liver transplant in India cost much less than in western countries. With this, there are millions of skilled doctors and millions of trained nurses in the country.
  • The cost of medical services in India is about 30 percent lower than in Western countries, which is cheaper than South-East Asia.
  • Facilities like technologically advanced hospitals, specialist doctors and e-medical visas are available in India, which are helping it become one of the fastest growing medical tourism destinations in Asia.
  • India is considered to be the right place for medical tourism, where apart from health benefits, beautiful places can also be visited.
  • Access to instant service attracts more foreign tourists.
  • Language is the main factor that attracts a large number of foreign tourists for medical and health tourism. India has a large number of good English speaking doctors, guides and medical staff. It facilitates foreigners to make better contact with Indian doctors.
  • Indian hospitals are gaining expertise in cardiology and cardiothoracis surgery, joint replacement, transplant, beauty treatment, dentistry, bone surgery etc.
  • Medical services in India include full physiology, detailed physical and genetic testing, audiometry, spirometry, chest x-ray, 12 lead ECG, 2-D eco color doppler, gold standard x-ray, bone densitometry, physique fat analysis, coronary risky markers And high capacity MRI etc.
  • All medical treatments and investigations are performed using technologically advanced diagnostic tools.
  • Indian doctors specialize in successful cardiac surgery, bone marrow transplant, liver transplant, orthopedic surgery and other medical treatments.
  • The cost of treatment of sterility in India is about a quarter of that of developed nations. Modern reproductive techniques such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and assisted reproductive technology (ART) services have made India the first choice for treatment of sterility.

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