Women Can Become Infertile due to One Mistake of Men: Know the Reason?

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Becoming a mother is a precious moment for every woman, but sometimes due to some difficulties, she does not get the pleasure of becoming a being a mother. Even though the reports are correct, women do not become mothers. The reason for this may be a mistake of men somewhere. Actually, infertility in men is one of those major factors. At the same time, women face problems in conceiving if sperm count is low in men or if its quality is poor.

What is Male infertility? (Low Sperm Count)

Actually, the situation of a man not becoming a father is called male infertility. If we say in easy language, male infertility means when sperm is not produced in full quantity or low sperm count as required conceiving a woman, due to which couple cannot get child happiness.

There are so many types of male infertility

If men have this problem, they should contact the doctor without any delay and find the get treatment. Now let us tell you what kind of infertility is possible in men.

  1. Sperm quality deterioration
  2. Sperm size is uneven
  3. Sperm count low

What are the symptoms of Male infertility?

Many symptoms of infertility in men are present in the body, although many times it is not visible. So let’s tell you its symptoms.

  1. Harmon Imbalance

One reason for male infertility may be hormone imbalance somewhere. For this, you must get treatment on time.

  1. Lifestyle factors

If a man drinks a lot alcohol, smokes or consumes more medicines and having a in active lifestyle then this problem can also occur.

  1. Decreased smelling capacity

Less Smelling power is also a reason for male infancy.

If you too have any such problem then getting treatment in time is very important.

How to treat Male’s infertility problem?

Due to this one problem of men, women are not able to become conceive and treatment is also very important in time.

  1. Infection can be overcome with medicines.
  2. There are also medicines to increase sperm count.
  3. Hormonal imbalance is resolved by plating hormones.
  4. Additionally, there are assistive reproduction techniques such as ICSI, IUI and IVF which help improve the chances of conception.

Although nowadays a lot of new techniques available, but not everyone can take advantage of this technology because these techniques cost a lot of money which is not affordable to everyone. In this case, you can also do home remedies. Like you can consume Ashwagandha, pomegranate, cinnamon, dates. Do yoga, eat right and balance food and make your lifestyle balanced and healthy.

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