Women Care: Do’s and Don’ts during Your Menstrual Period

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Women have to face periods every month. However, this is a natural process, which removes all the filth stored in the women’s body. Due to this, they have to suffer irritability in nature, stomach pain, stiffness in the body, headaches, for which girls start taking medicines. However, instead of natural methods, you can leave these small problems during periods.

Do not avoid exercise

Often people refuse to do heavy work during periods, but if the experts believe, during this period, women should keep doing light exercise.

Take a bath with lukewarm water

During periods drink warm water instead of cold. Drink at least 1-2 cups of tea or milk throughout the day. During this time, you should consume maximum hot things.

Keep away from these things

Eating fried roast worsens the level of estrogen hormone, so avoid it. Also, avoid eating cold-flavored things, more sweet, red meat, pickles or sour things.

Turmeric milk

To cure body pain, fatigue and abdominal pain, drink 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder mixed with warm glass of milk. This creates heat in the body, which gives relief from all these problems.

Correct diet is important

Eating a diet that is full of nutritious properties removes physical weakness, due to which you remain full of energy and healthy during periods, so eat plenty of fruits, milk products and green leafy vegetables.

Hot bottle will relieve pain

In the case of stomach pain, keep a bottle of hot water or bag on the lower part of the abdomen or the place of pain. This brings out dirt and stalled blood and provides immediate relief from pain.

Hair can be washed on third day

During this time women are also advised not to wash hair, but experts say that you can wash hair on the third day. Actually, eggs break during periods and its dirty blood comes out of the body. In such a situation, body temperature cools down by washing hair. However, during this time, the body needs to be kept warm, so that the dirt of the stomach gets cleaned thoroughly. In such a situation, you can wash your head on the first or second day but not on the third day.


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