World Heart Day: These 6 Things Can Affect Your Heart Health

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Due to the increasing pressure of work nowadays people are not able to take good care of their health. But due to this negligence, they invite their bodies to fall prey to diseases. There are many people who consume such things in a hurry, which affects their heart health. The risk of heart attack increases with the onset of heart-related diseases in ACE. So, today, on the occasion of ‘World Heart Day’, today we tell you about some things that should be avoided. Only then you will be able to live a long and healthy life.

 Processed food 

Nowadays people like to eat processed food very much. But by consuming such food, one has to face heart-related problems. Actually, these things are prepared in advance. It has to be taken out of the packet and heated. But imbalance starts inside the body due to its consumption. In such a situation, it causes heart problems.

Artificial sugar 

If you also use artificial sugar, then stop using it in time. Excessive consumption of it affects the heart. You can consume jaggery instead.

Fried roast and spicy food 

Often people are fond of eating fried and roasted things from outside. But this hobby of his invites many diseases. Such food includes saturated and fat. Those who have a bad effect on the heart.


Consuming soda can increase the amount of blood sugar in the body rapidly. Due to this, the problem of not having the flow of blood properly on all parts of the body can be faced. In such a situation, the risk of heart attack also increases rapidly.

Chinese food 

The Chinese may find it tasty to eat food. But it is extremely harmful and fatal for health. By consuming it in large quantities, the blood sugar level increases rapidly and works to damage the heart. Basically, the amount of fat, calories, sodium, and carbohydrate present in it increases the risk of a heart attack.

Smoking and alcohol 

Consuming cigarettes and alcohol has a profound and bad effect on heart health. Apart from this, smoking around someone else causes great harm to the heart. Therefore, it is good to change this habit in time. You can take nicotine patches or e-cigarette etc. to get rid of this addiction.

This is how you take care of your heart

– In the morning on an empty stomach, consume coconut water, pomegranate, beetroot juice.

– Include green vegetables in food.

– Take a break in between, instead of sitting in one place for hours.

– Make a habit of yoga and exercise and walking.

– Check up from time to time.

– Try to be as happy as possible.

Drink Green Tea and herbal tea – Take tea.

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